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This is the home of the Project.

The com.oonics Project

The com.oonics Project is the open source project for the well known com.oonics Enterprise IT Platform. It's purpose is the lead the way for flexible Linux based enterprise platforms.

The com.oonics Enterprise IT Platform is focused on the business critical professional user with ATIX provided update, maintenance and severity based support with up to 24x7 staff reaction times running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or SLES.

Download the commercial version from

Buy support here

The com.oonics community project which is hosted on this side is focused on the community based user with no need for covering business critical situations and needing no SLA based support running on CentOS Linux.

Download the free version here

The com.oonics community project consists of different subprojects.

The open-sharedroot Project

The purpose of this project is to provide an open and flexible filesystem based single system image (SSI) layer for linux clusters. The project is GPL-licensed.

You might want to have a look at the open-sharedroot development roadmap.

Latest News


Follow the com.oonics project on Twitter

It is now possible to follow the com.oonics community project on Twitter. Just follow @OpenSharedroot.


Release of com.oonics 5.0 for RHEL5 NFS and RHEL6 NFS Sharedroot

The project is very proud to announce the availability of the Version 5.0 for the com.oonics Enterprise IT Platform featuring the open sharedroot cluster project.

As a first step the NFS shared root for RHEL5 and RHEL6 have uccessfully passed the quality assurance tests.

For all other customers we still recommend to use the current version com.oonics 4.6.

For details see here.


OPEN-Sharedroot has grown up

ATIX made the decision to host the project as a subproject of the new coming project com.oonics (

It started some years ago as a niche Linux Cluster solution. Now it is a Linux cluster standard used by many global companies. We also many other usecases derived from the sharedroot approach that are misleading if we host them under the open-sharedroot hood. So we made the decision to lauch a new project where Open-Sharedroot will be a subproject.

Further information will be found at this side.


We are proud to announce the release of the cluster software comoonics 4.5 beta. Comoonics 4.5 includes a lot of major enhancements and includes support for new technologies.



Open-sharedroot now supports Novell SLES10 based on OCFS2 as shared root cluster filesystem as tech preview. This extends the supported shared root filesystems to Ext3 (single node), NFS, GFS and OCFS2 and the distributions to RHEL4, RHEL5 and SLES10 SP2.



A new version of the comoonics open sharedroot cluster software collection for RHEL4 has been released. The new release 4.4 has been tested with RHEL4.6 and RHEL4.7 and has successfully passed the ATIX quality assurance tests. The new release contains bug fixes and some major enhancements.


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